Friday, November 25, 2016

Welcome to Tâi-gí Tong-tāi 台語當代 Contemporary Tâi-gí

Inspired by a tha̍k-tsheh-huē(study group/forum) event organized by Sè-kài-tâi, this online platform was formed aiming to discuss and translate the most up-to-date world news into Tâi-gí(Taiwanese) directly without having to go through Mandarin Chinese which is the dominating language in Taiwan and all(more than 15) native languages have been suppressed so much so that they are all facing the unfortunate future of extinction.

In order for the younger generations who are interested in picking up Tâigí, we hope that this platform could offer a friendly beginning.

The topics for discussions include but not limited to art, culture, philosophy, current events and any contemporary subjects that are close to our everyday modern life.

I am open to suggestions since I am still figuring out how this could work for the Tâigí speaking community all over the world.

p.s. Just in case you are curious, I am "nobody" according to another inspiring group g0v's famous founding quote: Ask not why nobody is doing this, YOU are the "nobody"!!

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To be continued.....

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